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Striving to support Australia’s Defence Systems

Nathan’s strives to support Australia’s Defence systems, enabling National Security and the technical platforms that support our Nation.
Our strong belief and demonstrated continual commitment and awareness to Defence, and our expansive ability for smash repairs and refurbishment to light, medium and heavy vehicles, machinery and equipment (from complete rebuilds to extensive panel repairs) is imperative to the integrity & fulfillment of any project objectives.

Nathan’s have acute attention to detail and experience of specialist refinishes. As such, we are an approved applicator of Australian manufactured APAS 0502 NIRR military coatings. Nathan’s apply surface protection such as anti-corrosion treatments and protective coatings, and have extensive experience in applying concealment coatings and camouflage paint schemes.

Our broad experience in supporting Defence systems enables synchronization and integration of personnel and equipment to sustain the demands of Defence Governance and technical management plans – in a time frame that supports both quality, and allocated deadlines for Military projects.

Core enablers for these capabilities are as follows:

Nathan’s is an approved applicator of Australian manufactured APAS 0502 NIRR military coatings.

Acute detail & experience of specialist surface protection and concealment. Such coatings include but not limited to (All applied to manufacturers and Australian Standards):

  • Anti-corrosion treatments & protective coatings
  • NIRR Camouflage paint schemes to APAS Standards
  • Specialist painting, including disruptive patterning
  • Two pack paint systems

Familiarity of Defence systems, processes & procedures through repairs, regular servicing and maintenance.

Complete technical inspection prior to maintenance to ensure a holistic approach to governance and safety.

  • Simultaneous processing across multiple units and projects
  • Nathans is a company focused on coatings and providing customers with innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Ability to service National systems across both coasts.
  • Expansive ability for Smash Repairs & refurbishment to light, medium and heavy vehicles, machinery & equipment (from complete rebuilds &
  • extensive panel repairs)

Core Capabilities

Our company offers a range of commercial vehicle, truck, trailer, machinery/ equipment, component and 4WD services:

  • Smash Repairs & refurbishment to light, medium & heavy vehicles, machinery & equipment
  • Crack testing of components
  • Fibreglass and Carbon fibre repairs.
  • Fabrication, welding and Bonding.
  • Corporate branding / logos & sign writing
  • Paint & Panel repairs, body building, servicing, (overhaul and installation)
  • Electrical re-wiring & electronics (repair & replacement)
  • Re-sprays, specialist spray painting & graphics (resprays & touch ups)
  • Pick up & delivery
  • 24 hour towing service
  • On site quoting
  • Anti-corrosion treatment & protective coatings
  • Abrasive blasting/ Sand blasting
  • Specialist chassis repairs, extensions & modifications
  • In-house colour technicians that develop coatings & colours to meet customer requirements
  • Insurance claims handling (if required)

Devlopment Schedule

Nathans is dedicated to Defence and Industry, as such aim to reduce unnecessary overheads and aim to meet a sensible balance between technical, contractual and managerial risk.

Our development schedule accommodates immediate access for projects and work in agreement with Defence needs. Job duration will be clearly outlined and articulated at commencement of initial assessment to ensure timelines and expectations are met.

Above all else, Nathans core values are extant through all services maintaining a high priority in overall quality, attention to detail, and sound governance and accountability in all aspects of service.

From customer service to technical applications on Defence systems Nathans is best value for money in quality and understanding requirements of Australia’s security systems.